Minor League Players Get Historic Win, First Ever CBA

Minor League Baseball Logo. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association’s minor league players have agreed to the first-ever CBA for minor league players, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reports.

The move is nothing short of historic.

Minor leaguers —who have been fighting for more rights and more pay— will see their pay increase by at least twofold as part of the give-year deal.

Here’s how the new pay increase will look across the minors:

  • Complex League: $4,800 – $19,800
  • Low-A: $11,000 – $26,2000
  • High-A: $11,000 – $27,300
  • Double-A: $13,800 – $30,250
  • Triple-A: $17,500 – $35,800

The MLBPA will has agreed to a reduction of players on the Domestic Reserve List or number of players in the organization outside of Latin America. Beginning with the 2024 season the DRL number will go for 185 to 160.

Both the players leaders and MLB have agreed to the deal in principal. Both sides will have to ratify the agreement which is expected to happen over the weekend.


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