Millville’s Mike Trout to Open a Golf Course Designed by Tiger Woods in South Jersey

Los Angeles Angels OF Mike Trout enjoying a Philadelphia Eagles game because the Halos are never in the MLB Postseason. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Millville, New Jersey – about 45-miles as the crow flies or something like that southeast of Philadelphia– native Mike Trout is getting into the golf course game.  

The Los Angeles Angels slugger is joining forces with Tiger Woods (you might’ve heard of him) and bringing an 18-hole golf course to Vineland, New Jersey.  “Trout National” will reportedly include an 18-hole course, a clubhouse, restaurant, hotel, and wedding venue.  The facility is set to open in 2025 according to a press release.  

A few things here…

Trout is playing with fire bringing this golf club to Vineland, the sworn enemy of the hometown Millville Thunderbolts!  

Just kidding, while Vineland and Millville are (friendly?) rivals –especially in athletics – that date back many centuries, the addition of a facility such as this in Alabama, New Jersey Cumberland County is a big deal.  It’s one thing to admire about Trout, he never forgets where he came from.  You gotta wonder if Jim’s Lunch is going to have a little stand just off the 9th hole?!?

It’s also a great spot for Trout to spend when the Angels are invariably out of the Postseason once again! Sorry, low hanging fruit there.  

Construction of the club will begin this year with the aforementioned 2025 opening date. 


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