Phillies Injury Update: Bryce Harper is Hitting Soft Toss!

The Philadelphia Phillies snuck in some injury updates on Thursday afternoon.  Perhaps the most important was the update on slugger Bryce Harper’s progress.  Spoiler alert, it’s progressing well! 

Harper, who is recovering from late-November Tommy John surgery, has moved from hitting off a tee every other day to hitting soft toss.  Another sign the slugger is inching closer towards returning from the injured list.  

The Phillies and Harper have tentatively circled the All-Star break for his return to the lineup.   However, there are many baseball insiders that believe Harper is progressing quicker and a return before July is not out of the question.  Neither side will commit to a date so as to not put pressure on the situation.

Despite the elbow injury –and a subsequent trip to the DL with a broken hand– Harper slashed .286/.364/.514 with 18 HR, 65 RBI, and a .877 OPS helping propel the Phillies to the National League pennant. His return will help solidify a lineup that now includes All-Star shortstop Trea Turner.

Stay tuned as the Phillies continue to update MV3’s progress over the next few months.


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