Kevin Stocker Appears to be the Winner of the Phillies Radio Broadcaster Royal Rumble

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears as though we have a winner of the 2022 Phillies radio broadcaster Royal Rumble! 

While there has been no official word from the Phillies, scribe Todd Zolecki let the cat out of the bag in the last few sentences on a recent piece about Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen’s charity beer initiative. (The article is worth your time, check it out here.)

“Andersen is not only back, but he will be broadcasting around 60 home games this season, which is more than last year. Kevin Stocker will be Franzke’s analyst for the remaining home games, plus 81 road games. Stocker had been in a four-man rotation last season with Michael Bourn, Chad Durbin, and Erik Kratz.”

Todd Zolecki via

So there ya have it, more LA and more Stocker. 

It’s not a surprise the Phillies went with Stocker as the other full-time analyst.  The former Phillies shortstop spent the majority of his post-playing career in the broadcast booth with the PAC-12 Network and CBS Sports, respectively.  Stocker is the most seasoned and professional of the quartet.  But, Stocker being the guy means no more broadcasting gems like this one from Michael Bourn:


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