Phillies Have a Handful of Option Decisions to Make

Now that the 2022-23 MLB offseason is here, the Phillies have until Thursday, November 10 to decide what direction they’re going to take with option eligible players.

Among the key players with options are starting pitcher Aaron Nola and second baseman Jean Segura.

Here’s how it breakdown for the Phillies.

Jean Segura

The Phillies inherited a 5-year/$70MM contract when they acquired Segura from the Seattle Mariners prior to the 2019 season. The final year of the contract features a club option locking in a $17MM base salary or a $1MM buyout.

All signs point to the Phillies exercising the $1MM buyout and moving in another direction at second base in 2023.

Aaron Nola

Nola signed a 4-year/$45MM extension in 2019 to buy out the starters arbitration eligible years. The final year of the contract features a team option for $16MM or a buyout for $4.25MM.

Despite his ups and downs this season, Nola is a valuable piece of the Phils rotation. The chances of the Phillies buying out the righty are between slim and none. Expect Nola to pitch 2023 on a $16MM contract unless the Phillies negotiate another extension.

Zach Eflin

If the Phillies pick up Eflin’s vesting option they will owe him $15MM in 2023. That’s not going to happen. Eflin will likely be bought out for $150,000 and hit the free agent market. There’s still a strong chance he could return to the Phillies on a new contract.


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