NBC Sports Philadelphia Trolls New York Mets Analyst Keith Hernandez

The production crew at NBC Sports Philadelphia deserves an Emmy or something. The NBCSP (God, CSN was easier to write) crew has gone ALL IN on trolling New York Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez.

Some of backstory here. The Mets analyst and infamous “spitter”, Hernandez bitched about not wanting to call last weekends Phillies-Mets series because the Phillies don’t play fundamental baseball or some bullshit.

“I’ve expressed to the front office – not the Mets front office, our front office at SNY- that I hate doing Phillie games, so I guess they gave me the series off. They’re hot right now, I would like to see them. But as far as fundamentally and defensively the Phillies have always been just not up to it.”

Keith Hernandez, New York Mets/SNY Analyst

The quote didn’t play too well in Philadelphia. There were a few days of fury, mostly on Twitter, rightfully lambasting Hernandez. But that chatter died rather quickly as Phillies fans seemingly moved on.

Well, someone at NBCSP know how to hold a grudge. The trolling of Hernandez commenced immediately and with the wrath of a scorned ex.

Quips and graphics like the one above have been the norm on NBCSP produced Phillies broadcasts for the past week. Well, today the production crew decided to up the ante with a “Keith Hernandez Approved Fundamental Play” graphic on the broadcast.

Give credit where credit is due, NBCSP could’ve went the easy route and referenced Seinfeld like some of us. But they upped the game here. They will have an opportunity to shine this weekend when the Philles and Mets faceoff in South Philly.

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